Meet the

Blaze Team

How we work

At Blaze, we believe we ship our virtues. More than a theoretical set of ideas or personal values, our virtues encapsulate how we make decisions, collaborate, and execute as a team to win big.
Love our customers.
We never forget why we're here: to help our customers grow and thrive like superheroes.
We measure our success by how our customers feel using what we've crafted: ease, satisfaction, joy.
Their success is our success: we commit to going the extra mile for even a single customer.
Ship great shit.
We take time to understand what people want and know the game we're playing.
We ask for, listen to, and incorporate tough feedback to get it just right.
We don't launch work until we think it's the best we can do.
Bet on narrow.
When in doubt, we reduce scope or simplify to learn faster.
We validate through small tests, then expand with momentum.
And if it's not working, we admit we're wrong, do less, or cut.
Go for bold.
We take considered risks, knowing that we have to play big to win big.
We move away from the crowd, going places others aren't and doing the work others won't.
We dedicate ourselves to new tasks with enthusiasm, especially if it's new for us.
Win as one.
We approach our work with low ego, knowing customers come first and pride comes last.
We prioritize candor, knowing honest communication is critical to making us better.
We help each other get the job done, even if it's inconvenient.
Make it smooth.
We strive for a calm, deliberate cadence of work so we can move fast successfully.
When things feel bumpy, we slow down, assess without bias, and over communicate.
We believe, in the end, a good day comes down to whether we had some fun together.

who’s behind it

Blaze is crafted with skill, focus, and love from brilliant folks all around the world.
Adam Nathan
Chief Executive Officer
San Fransisco, California,  USA
Eddie Wu
Chief Operating Officer
San Fransisco, California,  USA
Andrew Logemann
Head of Marketing
Boston, Massachusetts,  USA
Dakota Raymond
Head of Engineering
Salt Lake City, Utah,  USA
Ivan Manolov
Head of Design
Austin, Texas,  USA
Alan Cassinelli
Head of Marketing Operations
Portland, Oregon,  USA
Caylynn Lewis
Executive Business Partner
Denver, Colorado,  USA
Kevin Aleman
Engineering Manager
Amarillo, Texas,  USA
Gregorio Setti
Staff Fullstack Engineer
London, England,  UK
Martin Denyer
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
London, England,  UK
Matt Heytens
Organic Marketing Lead
Austin, Texas,  USA
Luke Tower
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Detroit, Michigan,  USA
Emily Kasper
Recruiting Lead
Santa Barbara, California,  USA
Fabian Rydel
Software Engineer II
Montevideo, Uruguay
David Janas
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Washington, D.C.  USA
Tom Shamp
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Seattle, Washington,  USA
Joel Watkins
Lead Brand Designer
Orlando, Florida,  USA
Breaking news:

working at Blaze is awesome

Meaningful equity at a high growth company
Best-in-class for all team members. Earn ownership in an ambitious company pursuing a gigantic market.
Amazing retreats around the world
We've been to Cartagena, Mexico City, Paris, London, Greece, Italy, Buenos Aires, Park City, and more. Wanna join?
Fully remote team and async collaboration
Work from anywhere in the world (with good wifi). We prioritize time for deep work weekly and only have meetings when we have to.
Premium benefits
A range of great medical, dental, vision, and 401k  options are available for all US-based employees.
Paid parental leave
Get 8 weeks of paid parental leave benefits upon the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.
Unlimited time off
Take the time you need to relax, refresh, and recover regularly. (We'll nudge you if you don't take enough time off!)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We recognize that tech has been an inaccessible place for professionals from historically underestimated communities.
That’s why we’ve made clear commitments to building, growing, and celebrating a diverse team.

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