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Why we are here:
The why behind Blaze is really a who: we built Blaze for the founders, freelancers, and teams of one who want to grow their businesses faster on the internet.
Every entrepreneur knows that to succeed, they need to do great marketing—but they all feel overwhelmed by the time, effort, and knowledge it takes to market and sell online.
But even as AI has taken the world by storm, no one had designed a tool for them. Until now.
Blaze exists to help anyone realize the vision the internet has long promised: that you can achieve success, freedom, and control over your future, regardless of who you are or where you're from. All you need is a good idea and some old fashioned hustle.
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A letter from our CEO:

How it started

Blaze is personal to me. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandfather ran a small insurance agency in New Jersey. My brother started an online kitchenware brand. And my parents are the only two employees of their own small outerwear business in New York City.
When I was young, I watched my parents grow their operation through brick and mortar retail stores across the United States. And more recently, I've watched them struggle to make the jump to selling their products on the internet.
My brother and I have spent countless family dinners encouraging my parents to set up a landing page, start a newsletter, and launch ads. "It's so easy!", we always say.
But the truth is that producing great online marketing is not easy for most people.
Tools like Squarespace, Stripe, and Shopify make it easy to get a digital business up and running. But after that, you've been on your own.
AI's arrival is an exciting new moment for entrepreneurs. It's real promise isn't just that it will finish your sentences – but that it will help you market better and sell faster.
And when anyone can make build a business and make money on the internet, we all win.
That's our vision for Blaze, and we won't stop until it's real for you and the millions of entrepreneurs out there. Because you're the real heroes of our story.
To infinity and beyond,
Adam Nathan
CEO & Founder, Blaze
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Our Vision

We strive to help entrepreneurs of every kind: chiropractors, financial advisors, realtors, photographers, life coaches and thousands of other  small business verticals that power our economy.
They all face the same challenge: how to take control and power back from the big tech companies they rely on for their growth and win through their own content and marketing.
In 5 years, Blaze will be a one-stop shop for you to do all your marketing in a single click: Canva, Google Docs, ChatGPT, and Shopify, rolled into a simple, powerful platform.
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