How William Is Boosting His Podcast's Reach with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet William Jeffrey, an educational podcaster for the Flipboard EDU podcast.

Despite his expertise in education, William found himself at a crossroads when it came to effectively leveraging technology to enhance his podcast's reach and engagement. He experimented with various AI tools but didn't find one that did everything he needed. "I've tried a lot of AI tools," William explains, "but there's a certain level of intuitiveness that comes with Blaze that I didn't find anywhere else."

The Solution

When William discovered Blaze, it was as if he had found the missing piece of the puzzle. What truly set Blaze apart for William was its repurposing feature, allowing him to transform a single podcast recording into various formats, including blog posts and social media content.

This feature makes marketing your creative work easy and fast. "I really like the way you can continually repurpose information. And it's like, it's endless," William says.

The Impact

Blaze simplified William's content creation process, while also amplifying his results. "I've been getting a lot more response to my work," William says. "I'm seeing my analytics go up from using the marketing content Blaze makes for me. And so it just makes my job a whole lot easier."

Blaze helps William align his educational mission with his audience and expand his podcast's impact.

Embracing the right tools can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and impact.