How Terry saves 15+ hours per week with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Terry Wells, founder and CEO of Press Forward Group, a full-service marketing agency.

Terry faces a common challenge for agency owners: she needs to generate lots of content every week for multiple clients. "As a marketer, it's challenging to have to sit there and make everything content piece by content piece," Terry says. "Especially if you're working on very tight or last minute deadlines that clients can demand sometimes!"

Before Blaze Terry tried all of the big AI platforms to make her agency more efficient at producing good content. "We used, we used ChatGPT, we used Google's Bard," Terry explains. "But with all of them, you weren't sure what you were going to get. I found myself having to end every prompt with 'Do not hallucinate!' 'be accurate!' The content wasn't always on point."

The Solution

Blaze solves the AI quality problem for Terry with its custom brand voices. "What I love about Blaze is that you can create a voice for your company or your clients," Terry says. "And then every time you create content, it uses that voice. Do you know how much time that saves me?"

Terry also creates more content, faster, with Blaze's multi-channel campaigns. "I'm always creating different types of content. And I love how I can select the multi-channel campaign once I create what I need and turn it into multiple pieces of content. That is a cool feature. I love that," Terry says.

The Impact

Blaze brings a new level of efficiency and creativity to Terry's content creation process. "You've saved me quite a bit of time during the week. Per client, anywhere from two to three hours of work every week!" Terry says.

Terry's offers this advice for small business owners: "If you don't have the budget to pay a professional marketer like me, you have to use Blaze. When you're sitting there struggling, trying to come up with content ideas, you can go to Blaze and get what you need. It can save you a lot of time and frustration."