How Roger Boosted Uncommon Knowledge's Social Media Game with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Roger Elliott, the managing director of Uncommon Knowledge, a UK-based specialist psychology training company.

Roger faced a significant challenge. Uncommon Knowledge was struggling with content creation. This struggle led to a minimal presence on social media platforms, with only a basic Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Roger attempted to turn to AI solutions for content creation, including Jasper and, but found these platforms too difficult to use. "I'm not really a technical guy," Roget explains, "I'm not a spreadsheets guy, I just kind of like big picture stuff."

The Solution

Roger was immediately drawn to Blaze's user-friendly interface and its ability to capture the unique, understated tone of his business. "The interface is beautiful, I understood where I was straight away," Roger recalls.

Training Blaze with content from a business partner's article, he was impressed by the AI's grasp of a "steady British toned down" voice, which he hadn't been able to get from other AI tools. The comprehensive capabilities of Blaze, from generating full campaign materials to setting competitive pricing, felt like adding a new member to the team. "It just means that somebody else can do the stuff that otherwise I would have been doing," he says.

The Impact

Blaze's has had a big impact on Uncommon Knowledge. By automating content creation for social media and beyond, Roger and his team have significantly expanded their online presence without compromising the quality or voice of their brand. "So what we have now is kind of like a marketer on the team, and that's Blaze," Roger explains.

This expansion has allowed them to focus more on their core business functions while still engaging effectively with their audience online.