How Milana Amplified Onsite Hub's LinkedIn Presence with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Milana, the founder of Onsite Hub.

Her company specializes in organizing company retreats in Europe for distributed teams. As she started to embrace LinkedIn for building an audience and enhancing visibility, she quickly discovered that creating content is not easy.

Despite trying tools like ChatGPT, Milana found that posting great content required a significant time investment—resources that are often scarce for a founder juggling myriad responsibilities.

The Solution

What stood out to Milana when she found Blaze was Blaze's intuitive setup, which allowed her to easily align the tool with her company's tone of voice and language by simply integrating her website.

This ease of use extended to content creation, where Milana found Blaze to be remarkably adept at generating relevant and engaging content based on minimal input. "You just plug in your website and basically, you get the exact same tone of voice and lingo that you're using," Milana explains

She can now quickly produce LinkedIn posts and blog articles that resonate with her audience.

The Impact

With Blaze, Milana has significantly improved her efficiency in content creation, allowing her to focus on other aspects of growing Onsite Hub.

"Some of the best performing LinkedIn posts were created by Blaze!" she says.

Through Blaze, Milana has not only found her voice on LinkedIn but has also positioned Onsite Hub as a thought leader in the industry, all while managing the time constraints of a founder.