How Mike Is Growing a Niche Media Company with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Mike, the creative force behind and the A-Life channel.

Mike's business serves individuals with Alzheimer's, combining neurology and Alzheimer's knowledge into an impactful media resource.

Despite the groundbreaking nature of his work, the complexity and niche nature of his project made it challenging to find immediate help or conventional solutions.

As Mike explains, "I'm only one guy. What I do is weird. I can't go out and hire somebody to do this because they need to understand neurology, Alzheimer's, and media, and how they mesh."

The Solution

Blaze helped Mike turn his one-man operation into a powerhouse of content creation. "Having tools to be able to produce different types of content has been dynamite," Mike says. "Blaze is compact, it's easy to use, it creates everything I need and keeps my projects organized."

From content briefs and outlines for blog posts, to battle cards for sales, Blaze helps Mike create lots of content fast.