How Kiera Empowers Freelancers around the World with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Kiera, the visionary behind Phresh Phactory, Inc.

As an agency owner helping freelancers get contracts, Kiera recognized that freelancers often get entangled in business operations, deterring them from their true passion: freelancing itself. "The business of a freelancer is not actually to be in a business," Kiera observes.

She needed a tool for her clients, an "all-in-one solution," tailored for the "extra extra extra small business" - something designed for the unique rhythm of freelancing life.

The Solution

Kiera's search for the perfect marketing tool for freelancers ended when she found Blaze, a platform custom-built for small businesses. “I was looking for Blaze. I didn't know it was called Blaze,” she says. "Blaze isn't just a tool; it's a partner, understanding and aligning with my vision [for my customers]."

Blaze stood out with its ability to tailor a comprehensive plan for any freelancer's ambition. Whether freelanches want to launch a product or streamline their operations, Blaze offers clear, step-by-step guides for them to do so.

“What I found useful," Kiera explains, "is that you can tell Blaze what you're trying to do and then ask them for a full layout of solutions.” This feature transformed her clients' experience, providing clarity and direction to a previously chaotic process.

The Impact

The impact of Blaze on Phresh Phactory, Inc.'s clients, and Kiera’s own entrepreneurial journey has been transformative.

The platform became a cornerstone in refining her strategy, enabling her to "logically put the steps in order for my customers and then refine it as I go."

This newfound clarity and structure didn't just improve Kiera's operations; it revolutionized the way her freelancers engaged with their businesses, allowing them to focus on their craft without being bogged down by the intricacies of business management.

Kiera's story with Blaze is a testament to the power of a platform that understands and caters to the unique challenges of micro-businesses. It’s a reminder that with the right tool, even the smallest entities can dream big and achieve bigger.