How Josh Creates a Week's Worth of Content in an Hour with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Josh Landers, the founder of

As a business owner, he set out to simplify the job-seeking process for others. To do that, he needed to create a lot of great educational content. "I was on ChatGPT at first," he says. "But it was frustrating. Sitting there trying to figure out the perfect prompt actually takes more time than just doing it myself."

The Solution

Enter Blaze. Josh discovered Blaze and was immediately drawn to its design and functionality. "I fell in love with Blaze as soon as I saw it," Josh says.

Blaze has been a game-changer for JobHuntMode. "I really like that I can create a blog post or a newsletter and then just turn it into something else," Josh explains. "That's a really amazing, almost magical feature that just killed every single roadblock for going from idea to finished product."

The Impact

Blaze's impact on Josh's workflow was immediate.

As a solo entrepreneur responsible for all aspects of his business, time is a precious commodity. With Blaze, "I'm definitely producing content a lot faster," Josh says.

This efficiency has not only saved him time but also significantly reduced his stress levels. "To be able to sit there with a cup of coffee on Saturday morning and get all of my content for the week done," Josh explains. "That saves so much time and I don't feel any stress about creating content anymore thanks to Blaze."