How Jeremy improved From Above Droneworks' online visibility with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Jeremy Schofield, a military veteran and founder of From Above Droneworks, a business that provides aerial video and commercial photography for real estate in El Paso, Texas.

As an entrepreneur, Jeremy creates so much content for his clients that he struggles to find time to market his own business. "I'm good at what I do," Jeremy says. "I create social media content for other people. I find it difficult to create for myself. I needed to improve that process."

Before Blaze, Jeremy tested multiple AI platforms including ChatGPT. But in every case, he couldn't get the tool to give him usable content. With most AI platforms, "you've got to be able to prompt it in a certain way to get the output you want. And I was like, there has to be a better solution," Jeremy explains.

The Solution

He started looking for a tool to help him create marketing content more efficiently. "I was looking for a proven system that I could use to streamline my process. I tried Blaze for creating blog posts and social media content. And I loved it!" Jeremy says.

Blaze's ability to customize content to his brand voice and tone was a game-changer for Jeremy. "I chose Blaze because of the ability to customize it. It gives me options. I learned a little bit about brand voice, and about creating content specifically for my audience. And I was able to customize my own brand voice. I thought that was kind of unique."

The Impact

In his first month of using Blaze, Jeremy improved his local SEO and saw an increase in his online visibility. "With Blaze I increased my ranking in a local organic search due to the content that I was using. So I saw the benefit from that. I started to receive more phone calls from people being curious of my product and how I can be able to be of service in my local area," Jeremy says.

Blaze has not only streamlined content creation for Jeremy but also amplified the digital presence of From Above Droneworks. "Blaze AI helped me calm down a little bit," Jeremy explains, "and get focused on what I needed to do and not be distracted by having too many tools that don't work well together."