How Jared Creates Growth-Focused Content with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Jared Kinchen, CEO of Novel Work Co.. He leads an organization with an important mission: transitioning for-profit and nonprofit organizations into growth states.

Despite their expertise in facilitating transformation for others, Jared faced a common hurdle many small firms encounter: not having enough time to market his own business. "We don't have a lot of time to do a lot of things marketing related," he explains, "So putting content out there is pretty minimal."

The Solution

Unlike other AI platforms that required a steep learning curve to master prompt language or produced repetitive content, Blaze offered Jared and his team a seamless experience. He was particularly impressed by the quality of content Blaze produced, tailored to specific personas. "The quality of what Blaze produces is better than any other AI generator that we saw," Jared shares.

The feature that stood out for Jared was Blaze's ability to produce multi-channel campaigns based on briefs, which he describes as a unique value proposition. This efficiency allowed Novel Work Co. to focus on their core mission of guiding clients through growth transitions without sacrificing their own marketing efforts. "It definitely saves time," Jared notes, acknowledging the pivotal role of Blaze in streamlining their content production process.

The Impact

For Novel Work Co., Blaze has not just been a tool for generating content but a strategic partner that complements their growth-oriented services.

Jared highlights the significance of having quality content readily available, which enables his team to maintain their creative output for clients without being bogged down by their marketing needs. "We live in a space where we are constantly having to come up and think creatively for our clients. So we don't always get the time to do that for ourselves," he explains.

Blaze's impact extends beyond just saving time; it has allowed Novel Work Co. to reflect on its own organizational maturity and apply the same growth-focused strategies they advocate for their clients to themselves.

Jared's experience with Blaze underscores the potential of AI to empower small firms, enabling them to punch above their weight in terms of marketing and content creation.