How Iwan Empowers Small Businesses with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Iwan Roberts, founder of Derw Digital.

Iwan started an agency less than two years ago in Scotland to help small businesses market their products and services.

Initially focusing on WordPress development, Iwan quickly discovered that small businesses required more than just a website to truly thrive. "Very quickly I started to offer a bit of everything," Iwan reflects, acknowledging the growing demands of his clients and the diverse assistance they needed.

The Solution

The game-changer for Iwan came when he found Blaze. Previously caught in the web of endless revisions and communications with clients over website and social media copy, Iwan found relief in Blaze. "Blaze stepping in was just a brilliant tool to use," he explains.

Unlike his experiences with ChatGPT and Google Bard, Blaze offered something unique: the ability to nail down a brand's voice and maintain it consistently across all content.

Using Blaze, Iwan developed an innovative approach to capturing a client's brand voice. Instead of conducting lengthy interviews, he analyzes the client's social media profiles. When he feeds this information into Blaze, he gets content that "just automatically sounds like them. And it is just brilliant. And clients are blown away."

The Impact

For Iwan and Derw Digital, Blaze has streamlined the content creation process. Iwan can now focus more on what he is passionate about: helping small businesses make a significant impact on their communities.

With Blaze, Iwan has been able to offer versatile and authentic content solutions, from blog posts to social media updates, all in the client's unique voice. "So just being able to do that once, and then just having all these different kinds of posts and profiles. It's just fantastic for doing that," he explains, underlining the efficiency and versatility of Blaze.

By harnessing Blaze's capabilities, Iwan has not only elevated his startup but also empowered his clients to resonate more deeply with their audiences.