How Gabby Advocates for Women and Girls in San Francisco with Blaze
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The Challenge

Meet Gabby Alzate, Executive Director of Because Justice Matters, a San Francisco nonprofit building pathways to brighter futures for women, girls, and their families in urban communities.

Gabby and her team faced the daunting challenge of getting the word out about their organization. "We have to create a lot of content," Gabby explains. "A lot of stories, a lot of communicating to donors and volunteers and to the broader Because Justice Matters community."

Their process involved extensive writing sessions with her and her team, consuming both time and creative resources. "It takes a lot of energy to create as much content as we needed for our newsletters or our blogs or our social media content," Gabby says. "Just so much energy!"

The Solution

Gabby was initially skeptical about using AI tools like Blaze to solve her content bottleneck. "I was really skeptical and nervous to begin to use AI," Gabby admits, "because I felt like our nonprofit was so specific that there was no way that they'll be able to capture the narrative. There's no way that they'll be able to capture the story."

But after seeing Blaze in action, Gabby's perspective shifted dramatically. "I was able to type three or four sentences and see it generate something so much better than anything that I could create," Gabby says. "What it created would have taken me hours to create and it created it in minutes. So it's just been such a life changer for me."

The Impact

Blaze has significantly changed the game for Because Justice Matters. "My organization gets better, gets supported more fully because of Blaze," she says.

Gabby now finds more time to invest in her team and engage in ground-level advocacy work. "I have so much more capacity to be able to invest one in my team and develop people on my team," she explains, "but also to do a lot of the work and advocacy that we do on the ground because I don't have to spend so much of my time with content creation."