Our fans say it best.

Maiuran Loganathan
"This is a game changer - I'm dropping ChatGPT and switching to Blaze"
- Maiuran Loganathan,
Partnerships at Vimo Media
Brittanie Boe
"Okay this is just flat out impressive. the Blaze brand voice absolutely nailed it on the first try."
- Brittanie Boe,
Head of Marketing at Spark Creative Play
Sam Cassady
"With Blaze, I turned one piece of content into a treasure trove of promotional gems!”
- Sam Cassady,
Marketing Specialist at Ambassador Wines
Adam LaFaber
"Gets me to my first draft Blazingly fast"
- Adam LaFaber,
Owner of Digital Sandwich Agency
Tyler Dow
I've got our instance set up and drafted my first AI blog post in < 1 minute 🤯 - THIS IS INCREDIBLE.
- Tyler Dow,
Director of Marketing at ReUp Education
Danielle Bechtel
"Omg Blaze is SO AWESOME. Legit actually cool."
- Danielle Bechtel,
Senior Director of Product Marketing at HackerRank
Peter Barsoom
"I've never seen anything like this"
- Peter Barsoom,
CEO Of Luxe-Cannabis
Nitin Manchanda
"You're building something truly fantastic - it will change the way we create and ship content"
- Nitin Manchanda,
Founder of Botpresso
Nitin Manchanda
"Blaze is solving the most important problem in marketing."
- Dan Streeter,
CEO of Mission Fuel