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Introducing the Black Friday Procrastinators' toolkit:

create everything you need to make serious $$$ on Black Friday in one day with Blaze.

Need step-by-step help to prepare for Black Friday?

Join Blaze CEO Adam Nathan and Caraway Founder Jordan Nathan this Friday to hear best practices and tips and tricks for Black Friday.

see the black friday procrastinators' toolkit in action

Black Friday is the superbowl of ecommerce marketing. Are you prepared?

155m people shop online on Black Friday.
Customers spend $30-40b in one day.
It represents 13% of all annual retail sales.
this toolkit is for:

How to get Black Friday ready in one day:


Create unbeatable Black Friday offers for your products.
Write amazing descriptions for Shopify, Amazon, Google, Etsy, or your website.


Update your webpage with Black Friday specials and language.
Generate a compelling landing page in your brand voice with tailored images.


Prepare emails alerting your customers about your Black Friday deals.
Create promotional emails and campaigns to keep customers coming back.


Make ads to showcase your products on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
Generate ads with custom holiday-themed imagery featuring your brand and product.


Design social posts and SMSs to engage your audience on social media.
Don't spend time staring at a blank page: have Blaze write for your audience in your voice.

Use these Black Friday templates to get a head start:

Nurture Email Sequence
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Try this template
Promo email sequence
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Try this template
Generate all your Black Friday content in your unique brand voice.
Blaze analyzes your website and marketing assets to ensure everything you create sounds like you with your personal style, syntax, and tone.
Use Blaze's content calendar to plot out all your marketing until Christmas.
Organize and quickly generate social posts, ads, emails, and more for weeks of high-quality content.
Export all your content in one click to social media, CMSs, ad platforms, and more.
Our Zapier-based integrations with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, Drupal, Wordpress, Mailchimp, and 100+ more make it easy to integrate Blaze into your workflow.