Mar 27, 2024

Introducing: Blaze Academy

Introducing: Blaze Academy
New from Blaze: Blaze Academy and content tutorials
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Blaze Team
Blaze Team

Blaze Academy and Content Tutorials

Are you unsure if you're using Blaze the "right" way? If so, you're not alone. After such an incredible response to our product, we've turned the top areas where our customers ask for help into simple video tutorials to give you confidence in your new Blaze superpowers.

Earn Blaze shields in our checklist to get familiar with what Blaze can do for you and your workflow. Video tutorials at the bottom of Blaze Academy dive into deeper topics and provide starting guidance for how to think about growing your revenue.

All this and more is accessible by clicking "Learn Blaze" in your workspace's left navigation.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • We added the ability for Blaze to autocrop Instagram post images to reduce posting failures
  • We fixed an issue on the table view of projects that opened the wrong document on some browsers
  • We increased the amount of content we can accept as input for Brand Voice generation