Mar 12, 2024

Scheduled Posts Beta

Scheduled Posts Beta
New from Blaze: Scheduled posts and enhanced text generation
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Blaze Team
Blaze Team

Schedule posts directly from Blaze (Beta)

We recently introduced one-click posting to popular social and blog platforms. This week, we're making this even better by giving you the ability to schedule posts automatically from your content calendar.

Connect your blog or social media account to Blaze, and then drag a piece of content on to your calendar to open a post preview. Update your post preview as needed, then hit "Schedule" to pick a time of day for your scheduled post. You can track scheduled posts on the project level or workspace level.

We're releasing scheduled posts as a beta feature tonight, so try it out and let us know how we can make scheduling easier for you.

Enhanced generation using source materials

As more customers have started using Blaze's power features, we've stepped one level deeper in tuning Blaze's generation capabilities to meet your needs. Now source materials and words you've asked Blaze to avoid are considered more heavily in your generated outputs to give you even more control over your content.