Feb 27, 2024

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Enhancements
New from Blaze: bug fixes and enhancements
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Blaze Team
Blaze Team

The team is heads down working on a few big things, like scheduling posts directly from Blaze and an improved onboarding and help experience.  So this edition of the changelog mainly focuses the larger bug fixes and enhancements.

We actually shipped 25 items bug fixes and enhancements.  The six below represent the themes of the list.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • We updated our technical stack to make the content generation experience more seamless and reliable
  • We built the ability to handle larger websites and files when training voice, using campaign, or generating with reference materials
  • We built the ability to start a one-off review unrelated to a configured workflow
  • We added an simpler naming and location selection experience for blank docs to give users more control
  • We fixed a bug where snippets were not saving for some users
  • We prioritized non-ad accounts for the Facebook integration