Jan 30, 2024

Simplified navigation and content creation workflows

Simplified navigation and content creation workflows
New from Blaze: Simplified wizards, updated home page for efficient navigation, and an improved experience for creating new content
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Blaze Team
Blaze Team

Simplified Wizards

Question: What's fun on road trips, but annoying in your everyday life?

Answer: 20 questions.

We've reduced the number of questions in every content generation wizard to help you get to your generated content even faster - with less work and no sacrifice in quality.

But don't worry. If a situation arises when you need to generate content with as much specificity as you can humanly provide, you can still unfurl all the detailed questions in the "More" menu so you can specify to your heart's content.

Updated Home Page for Efficient Navigation

The newly updated Blaze Home gets you to your most important tools even faster. Home now focuses on which content types you've created most recently, as well as features quick filters and a search bar, helping you find what you need quickly. Try it out in your Home tab today.

Improved Experience for Creating New Content

We've updated the experience for creating new content with Blaze to help you find our most popular options as well as those you're using more frequently. We've also added quick filters and updated categories so you can hone in on exactly what you need to start your new projects faster than ever.

Try it by clicking New!

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a Homepage bug where your doc and project deletions were not updating in realtime
  • We fixed an issue where some blog posts were too long
  • Our output language selection now remembers what language you generated in last